Drafting and designing an effective contract for each project is super stressful. How much should you charge? What should the layout look like? What are your terms and conditions? When would a refund policy apply? How do you clearly specify your scope and deliverables?

Once you do have a project proposal, what strategies and processes could you use to deploy it so that you have a better shot at nabbing your dream projects while still protecting your rights as a creative professional?

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Well, here’s my story. A few years ago, I was losing jobs more than I was winning them, and I didn’t know how to generate new leads. Yet I also wanted to get BETTER clients instead of having to work for so many that just stressed me out. 

Like you, I had a ton of questions:

  • What kind of proposals do bigger and more succesful studios and creative entrepreneurs put together?
  • Is this proposal too long? Too short? Does it explain my process well?
  • What should I do first? Schedule a call with the client or send in my proposal? 
  • What terms and conditions should I set for all of my projects so that I don’t get scammed?
  • How do I structure my price tiers so that the client won’t negotiate?
  • What sort of proposal would a client respond well to?
  • What’s the best approach for winning over better clients?
  • How do I achieve clarity in my project proposals?

It was really stressful and I can’t deny that I almost gave up, but I discovered that I wasn’t the only one struggling with this critical part of the creative entrepreneur industry.

So, I started taking as many practical courses online as I could. I also interviewed different business owners and creative individuals, specifically about how they charge for certain projects. After thousands of hours of iterating and experimenting, I was able to condense all the feedback I got into a product that could greatly assist a lot of creative entrepreneurs who continue to struggle as I did.

This kit is the product of all my hard work and experience. It changed my life and my business, so I know it can do the same for you too.

What’s in this kit?

  • A personalized consultation about your project and business goals;
  • An Effective Proposal Guidebook, complete with helpful tips and strategies
  • An actual proposal that has helped land me lucrative gigs with big entrepreneurs, agencies, and companies;
  • A customizable and high-quality design proposal template; 
  • BONUS: Access to a  “less but better” mindset course for a better business and a more contented life.

What do you need to take this course?

  • 100% Location independent online course: (Learn from home, coworking space, beach, wherever you’d like as long as you have a laptop and good internet connection)