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Always wanted to write but don’t quite know where to start? Here, you’ll master the basic rules of writing (if only so you can break them wonderfully later on) and discover your own authentic writing style.

After this course, you’ll find the confidence to share your unique insights with the world and add value to your readers’ lives along the way.

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Hello! Professor Jaychrist here. 

I’ve loved writing all my life, but I’ve also always been a shy, introverted creative who struggled with the basics. Now, of course, things are a little different.

This introverted creative has now published different blogs that are ranking and driving a ton of traffic towards my personal blog, has helped different brands, entrepreneurs, and companies to leverage content marketing in an increasingly digital world, and has built an audience of thousands of readers each month using my natural and empathetic writing style. 

Oh, and I’m also in the process of writing my first book, to be published later this year. Not too shabby for someone who’s not a “natural” writer, eh?

How did I do it? Well, I had a little bit of luck and a lot of internal grit. I also wasn’t burdened by the traditional education system, so I didn’t have to spend years in the classroom learning how to write.

The best part? Neither do you.

With this writing class for non-writers, you can:

  • Discover your own authentic style and voice;
  • Build a daily writing habit and stick to it;
  • Learn the basic rules of grammar and composition—and then break them;
  • Find the confidence to share your writing with the world;
  • Connect directly to readers and build your own audience;
  • Open yourself up to new opportunities, including getting paid to write.

Whether you want to improve your blogging skills, write beautiful prose, send more powerful business emails, or write your first book, my four-week class’ unconventional and intimate approach can help you get there.

Course Overview

 If you’ve always wanted to connect with your inner author, this is the perfect place to get started. Here’s a timeline of what you can expect in our four weeks together.


Week 1 – How to Write Better: An Introduction to Good Writing Habits

In Week 1, we’ll learn about the six different types of writing, create your ideal writing environment, identify and kill your internal writing blocks, and establish a daily writing habit.

Week 2 – Jam-Session Writing: Make Your Writing More Interesting

In Week 2, we’ll work on finding your authentic style and voice. We’ll also figure out what you want to write about, discover the building blocks of your story, and learn how to generate fiction or nonfiction gold out of it.

Week 3 – Planning for Gold: Bravery, Confidence, Clarity, and Style

In Week 3, we’ll expand your vocabulary, learn how to create narrative urgency, edit your writing style, introduce clarity, and continue to develop your authentic voice.

Week 4 – Make Your Writing Accessible Through Various Ways

In Week 4, we’ll show you how to add massive value to people’s lives through writing. You’ll learn how to build an engaged audience and discover which publishing vehicles would suit your goals best, whether you want to start your own blog or write your first book.

Bonus: Learn the strategies and workflow that enable the biggest brands, entrepreneurs, and writers to nab higher paying jobs or side hustles.


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