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Create & Cultivate Your Own Podcast! Even With ZERO Knowledge or Prior Experience!

Always wanted to have your own successful podcast? Let an experienced and reliable mentor as well as an awesome accountability partner provide you with all the strategies and tools you need to build one!

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In this course, you can expect to learn all about: 

The Basics

Establish your niche topic, basic requirements, podcast host setup, and so much more by the end of module 1.

Eye-catching marketing assets

With so much content online, you have all of five seconds to get people’s attention. How? I’ll teach you how to design your marketing materials so that they’ll draw in a captive audience.

We’re talking designing your podcast cover artwork, 3 social media episode templates, and even a podcast website layout for your podcast’s contents. 

Best Podcast Gear

Don’t waste hours and $$$’s on Amazon figuring out which equipment to get. I’ll help you strip your list down to the essentials and clarify why you need- and don’t need – certain kinds of equipment. 

Find Your Guests

Learn how to generate an unlimited pool of guests, reach out to each one, and then automate the entire process .

Automating Workflow

Learn the exact step-by-step process that I use to record, edit, and release 2 episodes every week without fail, and despite a day job.

How To Edit

Get access to in-depth, step-by-step videos on how to edit a podcast so that it looks and sounds like everything was done by a pro.

Promoting Your Podcast

We’ll go into detail about all the approaches that the world’s top podcasters are using to launch and scale brand new podcasts.

How To Get Reviews

Constant reviews are the lifeblood of your podcast. I’ll show you exactly how you can land amazing 5-star reviews right from the start.

How To Monetize

Dive deep into the top strategies for turning your podcast into a cash generating machine.

Track Podcast Rank

Automatically monitor your podcast’s success by tracking its rank each day and having your daily progress sent to you.



I don’t even have a topic yet, should I still sign up for this course?

Absolutely! One of the first lessons in this Podcast Mentorship Program is Helping You Pick Your Nice Topic. I’ll walk you through coming up with ideas and zeroing in on the one area you’re hyper passionate about and how you can develop it to resonate with listeners around the globe.

Will I be able to edit a podcast episode’s audio by the end of this program?

Yes! You’ll also be able to do so much more! Creating quality audio content is most people’s biggest obstacle in starting a podcast – it won’t be yours. 

I’ll walk you through the EXACT process I use to edit each episode of my podcast, The Design Life Show. You’ll find that it’s a basic process that produces podcast episodes with amazing sound, and I’ll walk you through each step in Adobe Audition (alternatively, Audacity, which is FREE software) so that you know which buttons to click and why. 

Can I go back on the course whenever I need a refresher?

Absolutely! All of our hands-on training sessions are recorded and you’ll have free lifetime access to all of them. 

Do I need to purchase software before taking up this course?

Not necessarily. You can use only the free options I would recommend, but some of the processes that I will demonstrate will be on paid software, such as Adobe Audition. This has free alternatives, which will feature very similar processes, but I personally find that Audition’s is the best. All the other pieces of software featured this course have free trial versions, but they may have limited functionality.  

I have zero experience with any of this – can I still do it?

No doubt! The mentorship program will walk you through each step of the entire process and supplement your experience with all sorts of tips and tricks to position your podcast for success.

How much money will I make from my podcast?

I can’t guarantee that you’ll make a lot of money on your podcast or even give you a ballpark figure, but I can definitely show you how to create and promote quality content, which will (hopefully) bring in a lot of listeners and mucho $$$’s eventually.

Can you guarantee that my podcast will be successful?

I wish I could, but as with a lot of things in life, there are no guarantees of such. What I can give you is the next best thing: one-on-one guidance and mentorship so that you’ll have the best chance of success, however you choose to move forward.

Can I get a refund if the mentorship program doesn’t help me?

Sure! You can get a refund within 14 days of purchasing the program if you think it sucks. Just email me at [email protected] with the subject “Refund” and we can proceed with the process. Do read the terms and conditions before you proceed, of course!

When is the best time to start a podcast?

There is no better time to start a podcast than right now. Podcasts are the next big thing in digital marketing, and there are tons of niches still available, but they’re getting snatched up in record time too.

This is great, but can you do all the work for me instead?

Of course! Email me at [email protected] with the subject “Do It For Me” and we’ll talk about your options.