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Most frequent questions and answers

Journy Academy is an online course platform. For simplicity’s sake, we focus on just three course tracks: Essentialism, Design and Creativity.

The delayed gratification philosophy inspires all our offerings. We’re all about committing to providing real value, no BS and sustainable life-long growth. Being a part of our community means believing in the power of your own limitations to turn that into opportunities. 

Because everyone deserve to design the life they truly deserves.

All courses are created and hosted by Filipino creative entrepreneur and designer, Jaychrist Teves. Fun facts about Jaychrist: He’s pretty obsess in self-development and life-long learnings. He’s also trying to impress his ex-girlfriend now his wife every single time with his works and non-existent sexy biceps (ssssh.. that’s part of his motivation every single day).

It was created for Filipino creatives who are bold enough to pursue their passion and purpose while being 100% honest with their journy (without the “e”go). Journy Academy value passion-driven individuals, creative at heart, curious, intellectually humble and has the spirit to design their own life while being entrepreneurial. So if that’s make sense, you’re absolutely at the right place!

Glad you asked. You’ll be able to purchase and take our courses entirely within the website.

When you enroll in one of our courses (by opting your email), you’ll received full details such as; course outline, payment methods and other important details to make the process smooth as possible for you. We’d also prefer you feel 100% confident in what our next steps are before you make your decision.

In addition, you can watch the lessons on your own pace. Meaning you can skip or rewatch it wherever you’re. If you feel like bing-watching the full course in one sitting, that’s okay too.

You’ll get lifetime access (that’s right! LIFETIMEEE…) for all the courses, tools and resources available in Journy Academy course you purchase. *Beers are not included but, don’t worry you’ll get course material updates moving forward.

Absolutely! You can purchase any course, and anywhere in the world. *hint: internet is required.

We doubt it! We are 100% sure that’s it’ll contribute on your growth, that’s for sure and we don’t expect to get a lot of feedback like this. But, for any reasons that you didn’t find it helpful, we’ll give you full refund. No questions asked. Just email us at [email protected], just kidding. You could reach us via email at [email protected] make sure to add subject line “I want a refund” so we could talk through the process.

No biggie! Just hit us up by emailing [email protected] with the subject line “I want to learn more about Journy Academy” then our tiny crew will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

More Questions? Please do reach out!